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images\news_none.jpgTraditional Cake Festival
This festival is complete event with traditional cake and food from Surabaya. Shown all unique and various traditional cake and food. You can eat with your taste and you can enjoy every moment in this event. This festival held 20 days on May 2007 at Genteng Besar that places for centre ...[detail]

Annually Monthly
1.Surabaya Culture Parade
2.Surabaya Big Sale
3.The Election of Surabaya Tourist Envoy
4.Surabaya Anniversary
5.Remo Festival
6.Parade Bunga
7.November 10th The Hero Day Commemorating
8.The Great Sunan Ampel's
9.Old & New Year's Eve
10.Pegon Wedding Festival
11.Rujak Uleg Festival
12.Traditional Cake Festival
13.Ludruk Festival
14.Dragon Boat Dies Natalies Campionship
15.Pop Music Show
16.Campursari Festival
17.Lomba Dayung
18.Majapahit Travel Fair
19.Art Surabaya Festivals
20.Remo Dance Performance
21.Festival Lintas budaya Surabaya (Sister city)
22.Keroncong Festival
23.Dalang Festival
24.Pawai Nusantara
25.Art Performances
26.Perahu Hias
27.Lomba Dayung Pelajar dan Mahasiswa
28.Sparkling Suroboyo Dance Performance

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