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In most bigger cities and some towns as well, taxis are available, though only in Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang and Surabaya metered taxis are commonplace. In other cities and tourist areas one can hire cars, usually chauffeur-driven and paid by the hour or for each one-way trip.

At any airport, railroad station as well as bus terminal there will be public transportation available of one kind or another. Another mode of transport is Bajaj (pronounce Bahji), a minicar tricycle seating two passengers rather tightly with its driver in the front. The rate for Bajaj should be bargained beforehand. For Taxis the flag-fall rate is various between Rp 4,000 - Rp 5,000 and for buses fare are also various from Rp 2,000 - RP 3,000 (for Air-Conditional Buses).

These different names probably apply to the same vehicles, depending on where you use them. They are usually employed on tours between city and suburbs and can seat up to 10 passengers per vehicle, sometimes even more than its capacity. Fares are not uniform, as here it does depend on distance covered by the passenger. One advantage over the bus routes is that by using these smaller vehicles you may be let off anywhere you want to, making it a slower vehicle because of its frequent stops. If you care to charter such a vehicle, you may do so, however, you should bargain for it after having obtained the right information on the approximate rates from your hotel clerk. They should cost less than hiring a chauffeur-driven car or a taxi.

Pronounced “baychahk”, it is a tricycle pedaled by a man who sits normally behind the passenger. It could seat two persons, however, rather tightly. Becaks are mostly found in suburb cities of Jakarta or smaller cities/towns on Java and Medan, and have been here for over four decades. Unfortunately this means of transport is no longer appearing in big cities as motorized transportation has rapidly taken over public transportation everywhere in the country. Make sure you have bargained before with the becakdriver for the agreed upon fare


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