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Hero's Museum
The tragedy on 10th November 1945 and another historical episode, made Surabaya well known as the Heroes City. It is one of the reason it was built. Although there are many military statues in and around Surabaya, this one is certainly the imposing. The heroes monument stands like a rocket pointed ...[detail]

Golf and all things good. If you're an early riser and love wide-open spaces, then Surabaya has some treats. Imagine this... You're breakfasting with your partner on a wide timber deck. Javanese coffee brews slowly alongside the croissants, with eggs so fresh you can still hear the cackling hen that laid them.

  Sparkling Suroboyo Dance Performance
The performance every Sunday on 09.30 (WIB). Held at Surabaya Plaza Hotel with Sparking Surabaya Dance performance by Tydif Dance Studio. A masterpiece dance rise from Surabaya heterogen society and form the background of urban arts make a unique style with modern performance, on the dance motif various from East Java ...[detail]

Lomba Dayung Pelajar dan Mahasiswa
Tempat penyelenggaraan dan garis start di Taman Prestasi. ...[detail]

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