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The tradition rite of the newborn baby floating is an activity to make the rite habit, to treat and to free the placenta of the newborn baby from a spell. One of this placenta from a spell float the placenta that make a rite to sweep away the placenta of the newborn baby into the sea, it means the placenta become one in the water, in the future the baby can be hoped to have a wide perspective and getting a freedom so he could be up against and adjust to the environment. The series of this placenta floating activity was been first by the newborn baby, after the baby was born and was taken bath by the doctor, the baby's father washes out the placenta and after that it got in to the pot together with the symbolic things like salt, telon flower, note book, pen, Al-Qur'an of verces, needle, yarn and white cloth. After takes care the newborn baby, the baby's father recite call to prayer over the him/her and the placenta will be float into the sea. The activities procession of this placenta floating is beeing first by cucuking laku ( a kind of ceremonial dancing) and it is followed by the baby's father while bringing the placenta of the newborn baby and he is flanked by grand father and grand mother, together with the procession go to the sea and followed by a song of Mocopat Dandhang Gulo from the mothers After the activity of the floating is finished, they come back to shore, followed by the same song, then tumpeng, jenang sengkolo and other food have been prepared to eat together after having prayer. In the evening there is still an activity to show the happines for thye newborn baby with hadrah & rodath atraction, Surabaya lenggang dance and humoric stage.

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